Superposition #3 2019 (detail)

Damiano Bertoli

Ombra, 76 Bourke Street

Damiano Bertolli represented
by Neon Parc Gallery

Artist statement:

I like to think of my work and my identity as an artist as being part of a continuum - they operate in constant dialogue with the past, present and future, including the coincidences and chaos that come with it - ideas and images are presented as simultaneous and multiple, and they describe the flattening and expanding of historical time. Superpositions explores the apparent contradiction between the Classical and the Modern so relentlessly visible in contemporary Italy - I feel like I see this not only in civic space where the statues and monuments of antiquity are ubiquitous, but also on television, in film, in the fashion and advertising industries, where images of faces, bodies and places seem entirely indebted to the Classical, as if modernity has been unable, or unwilling to provide an upgrade, or perhaps it’s not required. In this sense, this project has been about exploring a certain history of the represented figure...