The party’s over, 2006

James Lynch

Paperback Bookshop
60 Bourke St (Crossley St)

James Lynch represented
by Neon Parc

Artist statement:

My animation The Party’s Over was originally made back in 2006 and is loosely based on the iconic film The Party (1968) starring Peter Sellers which is well known as a largely improvised satire. Using watercolour and pencil on paper I highlighted key frames and scenes and redrew them to create my very own open-ended fantasy as a way of remembering and playing homage to the original movie. The brief one minute animation depicts an unlikely scenario of a group of revellers and protesters including a painted baby elephant, invading an exclusive modern house and running amuck. During 2020 we have all wanted to recapture those feelings of freedom, community, socializing and hospitality once again.