Folk 2018

Animation with soundtrack
by Gareth Durant

Viv Miller

The Salvation Army,
69 Bourke Street 
video installation

Viv Miller represented
by Neon Parc

Artist statement:

Viv Miller makes drawings, paintings and animations. Moving between abstraction and realism, her paintings and drawings test out ways of forming images and representations of things, characterised by a somewhat fake-digital aesthetic. Her approach to animation is lo-fi and minimal, incorporating handmade drawings that play against very basic animation graphics, text and soundtracks made by Gareth Durant.

Folk (2018), Heavy (2007) has an interest in how we might live our lives with a sense of meaning and purpose. Digital media is changing the way we relate to one another and these animations playfully explore this. The affirmations they make might appear glib and vacuous, but on another level they aspire to be motivational, powered by emotionally stirring soundtracks.